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MegaLander responsive domain sales landers

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Finally! Sales landers for the average Joe or Jane. MegaLander sales pages are ready to be used out-of-the-box. Just upload and edit a few settings and add some text. Boom. You're done.

If you know your way around HTML, CSS, and PHP, then you can edit the pages out the wazoo (translation: to a great extent).

Our sales landing pages are built to the highest quality and standards.

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Open Source

You can access the code and make as many edits as you like.

Simple to Edit

Our templates are made to be easy to use, yet flexible so you can build them up as your time allows.

Helpful Resources

We have created online help to get you started as quickly as possible.

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There's lots more!

Make an Impact

Impressive image and video headers. Use the ones included or add your own.

Unlimited Content

Create unlimited text to help your landing pages with indexing and ranking on search engines.

Secure Email Forms

Forms are secured with a 2-step confirmation, or Google reCaptcha version 3. Also, form validation.

Fully responsive

It doesn't matter whether your landers will be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. MegaLander looks great on each screen.

MegaLander Full Screen Domain Sales Lander
Monetize Landers

Create promotional links to your money sites. Or use the promo section for other purposes.

Translate into other languages

Sell in any language. Settings allow you to change the title and heading of every part of the landers.

Easy setup, no database

Just upload the lander to your domain's root and edit the settings and text files. That's all it takes to get started.

Easy to use and customize

Customize by editing a settings file, and content text files. You can replace the images, videos, and promotional images.

...and even more

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - MegaLander loves all browsers; all browsers love MegaLander.

Unlimited domains

Use the MegaLander landing pages on as many domains as you want. Replicate your edits.

Social media friendly

MegaLander pages look great on social media networks when you share them. Link to your social accounts.

Well Documented

Settings file to setup your landing page with custom details. Text files to edit custom content.


Host as many domain sales landing pages as your current Web host allows. You have full control.

Integrate 3rd party services

Analytics, live chat, mailing lists, or other service codes are easy to add.

Launch campaigns quickly

Watch your domain sales campaigns grow and be more professional.

Web Standards-compliant

Standards compliance means your landers will withstand the test of time.