Professional Landers for the Non-Designer

Whether you are a Web designer and don't have the time to build the landing pages you need, or you are a non-technical person. We built this service for you.

Easily setup multiple landing pages with very little time. Or, if you have time to spare, customize them as you like. Standardized code means that you can replicate or copy your customizations across many domain names.

All you need is a hosting service with ftp access to upload the files. If you need hosting for your landing pages, we can provide a high-perfomance hosting service for you.

About MegaLander

Why did we build the MegaLander service? Simply put, we saw a need for self-hosted landing pages that are easy to edit, don't require installation, can be replicated across many domains, and are professional, impactful, and effective.

MegaLander is made by the developers of Domain Market Pro. It is a complementary service to DMP. If you want to manage the traffic and domains numbering into hundreds or thousands, then we recommend you look into DMP.

However, if you have domains you want to market and run special sales campaigns, then MegaLander may be just for you. We built it make it easy to upload and edit. Additionally, Megalander saves you money by allowing you to use landers on any number of domains.

All you need is a standard hosting account that allows you to add domains. You can then upload MegaLander templates to the domains.

Why MegaLander

MegaLander is non-database based. Databases are great and have their place. However, in many cases for self-hosted landing pages they can be an overkill. Imagine installing a CMS like WordPress or Joomla for dozens or hundreds of domains individually. Unless you spend time of securing each installation correctly then you are open to many security risks and spam attacks. A non-database self-hosted solution like MegaLander avoids unnecessary security risks, offers optimal load time and saves a lot of time by not needing additional optimization or complicated installation process.

MegaLander is dynamic. We built each lander to be able to be easily edited in nearly any aspect. You can even translate it into other languages. The code is open-source. Everything is controlled through a centralized settings file, as well as easily located content text files and image files. There really is very little that you cannot do with MegaLander pages.

MegaLander is social media and SEO friendly. MegaLander landing pages are built for SEO and to be posted on social networks. By editing the settings file and adding content to your pages, you can have your domain landers rank better on search engines. Also posting your domains on social media will have elegant looking posts.

MegaLander is secure. By not using a database MegaLander pages are safe from code injection by nefarious actors. Contact form is protected by either a 2-step confirmation or Google reCaptcha version 3.

Grow your network. Easily integrate your website and social media accounts. Gain more interaction with those accounts and grow your followers and more exposure for your domain names.